Food & Shelter

The lack of food and adequate shelter are serious needs facing human beings around the world. Extreme poverty is the root cause, as statistics tell a disturbing story of families struggling to survive on very limited income and little or no opportunity.

  •  80% of the world’s population lives off less than $3,650 per year
  • 4 out of every 10 people in the world live off just $2 per day, or just $730 per year.
  •  1 in 3 children in the developing world live without adequate shelter.

Reel Life seeks to provide food in situations where the recipients are unable to help themselves. This may include destitute children, widows or disaster relief situations. In Latin America and the Caribbean alone, it is said that 49 million residents suffer from malnutrition. To combat this devastating issue, we assist with food pantries and other initiatives to help local residents serve the less fortunate within their own communities.

In addition, according to 2007 statistics, 40 percent of the families in the region do not have access to adequate housing. In conjunction with local leadership, Reel Life is also involved with construction and housing initiatives. These projects include simple homes for widows as well as dwellings used in caring for orphans and street children.


Sources: UNICEF, The World Bank & XVI General Assembly of Ministries and Maximum Authorities of Latin America and the Caribbean