New Year’s Resolution

As we approach the turning of a new year, resolutions abound. Some are kept, others no so much. More exercise, better diet, more saving, better use of time… the list of good ideas and nice things goes on and on.  No doubt, these things are all good, but what about doing something in 2015 that literally has life-changing effects? What if you could do something that is simple to accomplish, produced lasting results, and only took a mere 2% of your time?


The 2015 Challenge

Most of us like a good challenge. Make 2015 a special year by committing today to serve others like never before.Join us for a one week trip to serve people in extreme need. Stretch yourself to do something you will never forget, something that will have lasting effects in the lives you touch as well as your own. Of course, there are many reasons not to go, but most are not good reasons! Here are just a few:

  • I don’t have time. We spend weeks of our lives doing many different things, most of which we remember very little. Anything of value has a cost, and a short-term trip will cost our most valuable resource – our time. The return on the investment is immeasurable!
  • I don’t have the money. We will help you raise the money to go, or if nothing else, we may be able to help with our scholarship program!
  • I don’t have any specific gifts or talents that would be useful. This is the farthest from the truth. We have young children as well as senior citizens travel with us, and no one has ever returned feeling as if they were not needed. If fact, the opposite is true. Participants realize that there are plenty of opportunities for everyone and that the only requirement is the courage to make oneself available.
  • It will be miserable, hard, and something to endure. Again, nothing could be farther from the truth. In most cases, our participants are sad to leave and have a tremendous desire to return again.
  • This sort of thing is not for me. You never know until you try. After 5 years, we have yet to find someone who feels this way after the trip.

Listen to some of our past participant’s remarks. DSC_1082

“This trip brought joy back to my faith.”  – Steve Barlow

“This is the best trip my family has ever done together, and we are planning to do it together every summer from now on.”  – Jeff Travis

“We received far more than we could have possibly given.”  – Jose Wejebe

“These trips have absolutely changed my life.”  – Keith Russell

“My only fear is that I’m going to go back to my old way of thinking once I get home.”  – Hunter Carroll

“This trip is not a waste…  it’s the highlight of the year.”  – Steve Barlow

“During the week away from all of the busyness and distractions of life, things become crystal clear. The trips allow me to see my life purpose much more clearly and keep my focus on things that are most important.”  – Summer O’Neal

“The perspective you gain in just one week is incredible. I feel like I have a renewed joy of living life.”  – George Lawton

“Mexico was awesome. I loved it there. I hope we go back next year.”  – Brooks Travis, 3rd grade

“This was one of the most meaningful weeks of my entire life. I’m going to be doing one of these with you guys every year.”  – Mark Lawrence

“Thank you Reel Life for encouraging me in my faith and for providing the opportunity to serve alongside such a great group of people.”  – Denise Moore

“We’d recommend a trip like this to everyone. We can still see the smiles and appreciation on the faces of the young and old that we met through this adventure.”  – Ted & Reenie Townley

I believe it all comes down to this: when considering all of the things in life which are good, we find countless opportunities, but if we are to maximize our enjoyment, fulfillment and significance, we are forced to carefully invest in those things which are best. Serving others who are in great need definitely meets the criteria of best, and ironically, when we set aside our busy schedules and make ourselves available, it is often us who reap the richest rewards.

whoweare_3So take us up on our New Year’s Resolution Challenge and commit to join us on a trip today!

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