The Favor of God

The Favor of God

Genesis 39

Jospeh is one of the most interesting characters in the Bible and his story accounts for a large portion of the book of Genesis.  Joseph is the favorite son of his father Jacob, the son born in his father’s old age.  This favoritism was demonstrated famously with the gift of a special robe of many colors.

But the favoritism of his father produced jealousy in his brothers.  This jealousy led to hatred and his brothers eventually plotted against him and sold Joseph into slavery.  In a very short period of time, Joseph went from being the favorite son to a slave for sale to the highest bidder.

Joseph’s circumstances changed so dramatically, and very quickly, for the worse.  We could focus on how Joseph responded to this adversity and find many good examples to follow.  But let’s look at how God responded to Joseph’s adversity instead. In Genesis 39, Joseph had been sold in Egypt to a officer of Pharoah.

“The Lord was with Jospeh, and he became a successful man.”
Genesis 39:2

“His master saw that the Lord was with him and that the Lord caused all that he did to succeed in his hands.  So Joseph found favor in his sight.”  God’s presence with and favor on Joseph was obvious to the official who had bought Joseph and he quickly put him in charge of his entire household.

So Joseph’s circumstances change again very rapidly, this time for the better.  But that doesn’t last too long.  After some time, the official’s wife falsely accuses Joseph of attacking her and Joseph is thrown into prison.  Joseph is innocent in this situation but nonetheless his circumstances change dramatically and quickly.

Even while in prison, we see the favor of the Lord on Joseph.  “But the Lord was with Joseph and showed him steadfast love and gave him favor in the sight of the keeper of the prison.” (Genesis 39:21)

“And whatever he did, the Lord made it succeed.”
Genesis 39:23b

Joseph’s circumstances changed significantly and quickly multiple times in this one chapter of the Genesis.  But God never changed, and He still never changes.  His steadfast love and hand of favor were always with Joseph.  When your circumstances change, particularly when they change for the worse, remember that God is with you and that He is working for your good.

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who
love him,
who have been called according to his purpose.
Romans 8:28


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