Orphan Care

There are literally millions of orphans and street children living across the globe today who are completely defenseless. While unable to care for themselves, these young children are in no way to blame for their circumstance. They face a battle that no human being should ever face… a battle to survive in a world where they do not have adequate shelter, medicine, basic education, or even enough food or safe water to drink. Many prostitute themselves just to survive. Others are not so fortunate to survive, as over 26,000 children die each day due to starvation and preventable disease.¹

In Latin America and the Caribbean region alone, UNICEF estimates that there are as many as 40 million children on the street with as many as 10 million completely disconnected from their family.

Many of these children are well within our reach, and we have the opportunity to give them a chance at life. Reel Life ministers to orphans and street children in a variety of ways, including housing, education and mentoring. Through your support and involvement, impoverished and orphaned children will receive the love they so desperately need.


¹ United Nations Children’s Fund, 2005