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Baton Rouge Construction Trip

Join Reel Life for Disaster Relief in Louisiana

Join Reel Life International in providing disaster relief to Louisiana residents who have been ravaged by epic flooding.  More than 60,000 homes have suffered severe damage and FEMA reports well over 100,000 people or households have already applied for housing assistance.  Serving alongside local churches, volunteers will assist with construction projects for individuals and families in order of greatest need. Reel Life is planning several weekend trips throughout the fall to provide relief for the flood victims.

Trip Costs

Total Cost is $50 per person

  • Tax deductible
  • Covers food, lodging, ground transport, insurance, supplies and administrative costs.


Please submit all form photocopies and payments to:

Reel Life International
PO Box 661105
Birmingham, AL 35266

Or email scanned versions to your Trip Coordinator at Trips@Reel-Life.org

Baton Rouge September 2016 Trip Flyer to print

Baton Rouge September 2016 Trip Flyer to email – jpg