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Reel Life and Mexican Medical in Cabo San Lucas!

Far from the distractions of everyday life, the team participated in the immensely rewarding work of assisting orphans and impoverished families in the Southern Baja.  Serving alongside Mexican Medical.
The team enjoyed engaging with local church partners and community leaders through light construction projects, medical clinics, and ministering to kids through sports, games and other teaching activities. In all, the team participated with locals in the construction of a community food kitchen, a septic system and bathroom, a home for an elderly man who is blind, major repairs to three different homes for single mothers, and the rebuilding of a small church in the barrios. The team also conducted 5 health fairs where local families were able to see a physician, receive eye glasses, learn about hygiene, and hear the gospel. Many of the families that they team interacted with and helped were those who were most heavily affected by the recent hurricane disaster in the area.
In addition, the participants of this trip were stretched and began to share the gospel more frequently with each day, leading individuals and entire families to a new connection with our Savior, as well as connecting them to the local church where they will be able to continue to be discipled. Through times of reflection, self-examination, tears, and intense prayer, the team left with a deeper passion for the glory of the Lord and commitment to live more intentionally for the sake of the gospel.

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