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Costa Rica 2009

During this trip, the Reel Life International team delivered 15 large tubs of shoes, clothing, toiletries and small toys to children and families in an impoverished area just outside San Jose, Costa Rica, as well as 3 tubs of school supplies to low income school outside San Jose, Costa Rica.

The team also assisted the field partners in San Jose to add onto the home of an impoverished family with 4 children.  Consisting of only two small rooms, we added a third bedroom to their home as well as enclosed a kitchen and bathroom, both of which had previously been outdoors.
The team enjoyed providing a modest “carnival” for impoverished children, complete with jump rope, swinging, ice cream, and even a game of soccer.  During the week we also painted the interior of a preschool.  This preschool serves children from low income, single parent homes.