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Cuba 2014

Join Reel Life and Strategic Sports in Cuba!

Join us for the adventure of a lifetime! This is a rare occasion when we have two of our Field Partners join together – Mexican Medical Ministries and Strategic Sports International (SSI). Our friends from the Baja will be journeying over to Cuba to join you in the immensely rewarding work of assisting families in Cuba. You will be working alongside SSI and the local churches to engage with locals by caring for their medical needs. In addition, your Trip Leader will guide the team through a series of biblical life application principles, positioning each volunteer to gain new perspectives and experience life changing biblical truth.

Trip Costs

Total Trip Cost is $2,500

  • Tax deductible
  • $2,500 covers airfare, food, lodging, ground transport, insurance, supplies and administrative costs

Prices quoted are estimates only and may change slightly up or down due to circumstances beyond our control.

+ Optional Recreation Activity

  • Additional cost to participant depending on activity
  • Non tax-deductible
  • Depending on availability, options may include activities such as local shopping and touring.

Important Due Dates

Due August 25th  –  VERY IMPORTANT!

  • $300 non-refundable deposit. Make a Payment
  • Visa Application and Application Fee of $125
  • This is very important. If this is submitted late, most times you will not be able to travel.
  • Download the Visa application info needed here:
  • Please email this information to us at info@reel-life.org
  • RLI Sign Up Form and Release Forms (Contact us if you need printed forms mailed to you)
  • Photocopy of Insurance Card
  • Photocopy of Passport (or information about application process)

Due September 25th

  • Second payment of $800

Due October 20th

  • Remaining balance of $1,275

Type of Work

During this trip you will be asked to assist missionaries in their ongoing work. This is also primarily a medical trip, although you do not have to have a medical background to participate, as there will be plenty of tasks that you will be able to help with.

You will receive instruction about the bigger picture of the work in Cuba, and will be asked to help with particular projects according to your skill level, and you will be asked to join them in building relationships and caring for the local impoverished communities that they are working within.


Please submit all form photocopies and payments to:

Reel Life International
PO Box 661105
Birmingham, AL 35266

Or email scanned versions to Trips@Reel-Life.org

Please Contact Us us or this Trip Leader or Trip Coordinator with any questions.