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Dominican Republic 2010

In 2010, a Reel Life International team engaged in helping impoverished communities in the DR by delivering 11 large bags of supplies to organizations in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic for distribution to people who truly were in need of it.  This included medical supplies for a local public hospital, tools for ongoing relief work, clothing and school supplies for an orphanage and foster home program, and sporting goods for a youth league working primarily with needy children.

Reel Life was also able to purchase and deliver clean water filtration systems for over 50 families, each designed to provide clean and safe drinking water for 5 years.  The recipients came from a long waiting list of families who had completed certain community tasks required in order to earn their filtration system.  Rather than giving a handout, we were involved in strategically providing these precious families with a “hand up” – the encouragement of personal responsibility and  care for their own community.

In addition, the team go to experience building a system of 6 showers for a slum community where residents previously bathed in the same water system from which they would drink.  They got to engage the local children and shared smiles, high-fives, hugs, games of chase, soccer, and a variety of other activities throughout the trip.  The same team also engaged in providing a new home for a family in extreme need.
“We were able to connect with an impoverished family consisting of a single mom with 6 children, the youngest being only 18 months, whose home had partially collapsed due to extensive rot and termite infestation.  After clearing the lot and addressing a variety of unsanitary conditions, we were able to re-build a safe and secure structure for this family.” – Michael O’Neal

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