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San Quintín

Reel Life and Mexican Medical in San Quintín, Mexico

The second team of families enjoyed this trip down the Baja peninsula, far from the distractions of everyday life, families were able to have the unique experience of serving Christ together as a family. The San Quintín community is known for being very safe, enabling our team to bring children as young as 6 years old.
During the trip, a team of Mexican ministry leaders from the Pastor’s Alliance, who are passionate about reaching the lost in their own community, came down from Tijuana at their own expense to join the Reel Life team at La Esperanza. This year there about 60 people who came down from Tijuana, almost double the amount of people who came last year.
Because of the generosity of a Strawberry Farm owner, Julio Meza, our team was invited to provide a free clinic for the workers of this Strawberry Farmer. We were invited into their place of work, and they were allowed the opportunity to take the day off and receive free care that normally would cost them a significant amount of their wages. After people received the medical check ups and care they needed, they were given an opportunity to pray with some of the ministry team from Tijuana.
Together, the team from Tijuana and the Reel Life team were able to conduct this medical clinic. Many of the people were workers from a variety of native Mexican backgrounds from central and southern Mexico who had migrated to the Baja. During this effort, 58 DVDs of the gospel were distributed in indigenous languages. Some of the people here had never heard of Jesus Christ.
During the week, some members of the team participated in street evangelism which resulted in 20 people coming to a profession of faith in Christ. Some of the children were also introduced to learning how to share their faith with others. During the rest of the week, the team and children participated in several Vacation Bible School (VBS) events in the migrant workers home camps.
After the trip, the local community expressed their gratitude of having this team of families working together, showing both respect to the people of this culture and sharing the love of Christ with them.

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